Become A Luminous Leader

Have you ever felt lost? You wake up one morning and you suddenly find yourself asking why…

Why am I doing this?
Or even worse… How. 
How did I end up here?

I know I have asked myself both of these questions at multiple points over my career and in life and, I imagine you’ve l felt this at one point in your  life also In my experience,  deep down it is driven by one thing. 

A lack of direction.

And when we are a leader, manager, or business owner, a lack of direction doesn’t just cause us to question. 

It causes us to stop. 

Everything around us suddenly comes to a grinding halt, or it ticks over out of habit, but nothing actually changes. I call this the ‘ground-hog-day’ effect.

We stagnate, and then our motivation drops ever lower. The waters get murky with possibilities and instead of exciting us each of the decisions feels like too much work. Or we get paralysed ‘second-guess’ ourselves.  

I’m not sure about you but when I’ve got to this place it feels exhausting and that life is being driven from a place of habit rather than a place of passion.


And we end up waiting.

Achieving only a fraction of our potential, and making our path to success a lonely one as we try to push through by ourselves. 

But what if instead of feeling directionless, lost and exhausted, you could feel inspired, ignited, and influential. 

What if you had the clarity to know exactly where you were going, and a step-by-step process that showed you how every singe day you were going to get there. 

What if instead of shouldering all the responsibility and pressure, you could positively influence the team around you so that you were all working towards the same goal. 

Whether that goal is a new role, a promotion, a step up, new business venture, or specific targets and sales goals. All of this is achievable when you learn how to show up as a luminous leader. 

Someone who is in energised, confident, and clear on exactly what they want. 

Instead of being thrown off course by new opportunities, you know which opportunities are going to benefit you and those around you and you are laser-focused on that path. 

And what if this transformation could happen in the space of 14 weeks?

Hear from those that have gone through this transformation:

Introducing The Luminous Leader Programme

Program outline:

Our Luminous leader program is designed for leaders, managers, and business owners, who have the knowledge and experience but might not have fully stepped up into their role as a leader. 

The people who know they have more to give but don’t have clarity on what that looks like yet.. 

The people who might know that they need to lead the people around them but don’t know how to do this with efficiency, with confidence and impact…

Working together I will guide you through 7 areas that will help you discover which direction is going to help you reach the next level in your career and business, and help you discover how to influence those around you to help you get there. 

    These 7 areas include:

    We’ll start by helping you create absolute clarity on what the future looks like for you; by using our signature ‘Creative Visualisation Process’ to develop your vision and goals

    Together we will explore how you can step into the new identity of the successful you by building your confidence around your unique strengths and identify your values to propel you into achieving your goals.

    You’ll create your ’90-day luminous leader roadmap’ which will give you the direction you’ve been lacking on your daily, weekly & monthly milestones so you know exactly the steps you will be taking to make your vision a reality and transform the results you are getting in life and business.
    We’ll discover which limiting beliefs are holding you back and help you work on the mindset shift required to bust through the blockers to your next level of growth.
    We’ll teach you the proven wellbeing strategies that top leaders use to achieve sustainable work-life balance, build boundaries, and cultivate the creative energy to get results and consistently grow.
    We’ll also be teaching you powerful coaching and, communication and influence strategies from the world of NLP (Neuro-linguistic-Programming), so you can drive new results with those around you (your team, clients, or key stakeholders) and, raise your profile to start opening new opportunities around you.
    The most overlooked element to creating growth and behaviour changes that stick, is who is your support crew. As you make changes and try new things you need to be surrounded by people cheering you on, who are also striving for growth and checking in with you to hold you accountable along the way. Not only will you have my support as your Executive Coach, but you’ll be paired with a fabulous buddy who’ll be checking in with you every week.

    This is a pathway that has worked for 100s of  clients before, even though the exact method looks slightly different for each person. 

    We understand that you are an individual, your journey is unique, and we can help you craft a strategy and plan that works specifically for YOU. 

    Whether you are looking to become a more influential leader in a corporate space in order to bring out the best in your team, are a business leader who has lost their mojo and wants to re-find their passion and purpose, or simply want to be more confident in a transition in your career, our team is here to help you achieve success. 

    What do those who have participated in the program say?


    I went into the course thinking that I’d be acting on tools early, I even asked for my 1:1s early but what I learned from the process was you get informed to make a decision at the end. It takes you to a place where, you deep dive into getting to identify whatever you really need to identify to then lead with that authentically. You'll, also get to a point where you have the tools to make any decision on anything and be able to move forward authentically in your life.

    - Rennae Long

    In the short time I've been in the program I already feel stronger sense of confidence. Speaking with Clare solidified what I already knew I was capable of and delivering on a day-to-day basis, she helped me unlock that belief in myself.

    -Natalie, Executive Producer
    Luminous Leader Participant

    I celebrate the fact that I have been truly committed to my growth and have learned so much about myself from my values, my strengths, my core needs, and my limiting beliefs. I feel so much clearer about my future vision from when I started at the beginning of the program and most importantly, I know how I am going to get there! I loved every part of the program - the intimacy in the group size, Clare's consistent communication and check-ins on the WhatsApp group, the amazing content (and additional takeaway content), how much I learned about myself, and finally how much I learned from the other amazing, diverse people on the course.

    - Paula, Client Director
    Luminous Leader Participant

    This course is a disruptor in the best way possible! In jus a short time it has changed me not only personally, but professionally, which for me is phenomenal. I'm definitely still at the agency because of this program and now I'm stepping into a Global role.

    - Blake, Digital Director
    Luminous Leader Participant

    Before joining LL program, I felt 'unmotivated','Stuck', 'victim mode'. The program has guided the light back into my everyday work and personal life. I am able to recognize the thought process and decision patterns and can switch my mindset. I feel that I am more proactive at work and I have a clear goal for what I am trying to achieve. In my personal life, I have been able to switch off and enjoy what today brings. Clare was able to show me the way and helped me with the work, which I should have done many years ago.

    - Ava, Business Development Lead
    Luminous Leader Participant

    Are these the results you are craving but can’t figure out how to reach on your own? 

    Who will be guiding you along this journey?

    Hi my name is Clare and I have a deep passion for creating workplace environments where people can grow and thrive, rather than tread water to survive. I believe we need to shift the ‘work-takes-all’ stress and burn out paradigm and shift to a place where leaders are supported to be healthy, high performing and a more luminous version of themselves.

    My passion for luminating leaders begins with my own story. The seeds of Clarety were sown back when I was one of those people just ‘surviving’. My focus was on driving business success and meeting the needs of others and I sacrificed my own health and relationships to do this. I became disenfranchised, stuck on the ‘hamster wheel’, and my confidence dropped and my light dimmed. 

    I saw many people around me feeling the same way. Un-inspired, not-engaged and ultimately, leaving corporate life.

    Forced into a period of rest and reflection I started to question the way I was leading in my life. It stirred something inside me. I began to think, ‘What if life and business doesn’t have to be this way?’. ‘What if you could put your own personal wellbeing first and turn the light’s back on?’ ‘What if operating from a more energized place can deliver stronger results in business?’.

    In the 9 year’s that have followed I have learnt everything I could about changing behaviour studying, wellbeing, mindfulness, coaching psychology, conscious capitalism, and Neuro-linguistic Programming and, with the help of a wonderful team of specialists, set about proving that shifting the paradigm of burn out is possible. We’ve now experienced first-hand, as have 1,000s of our clients, that by taking a more holistic approach to leadership development, it’s possible to luminate leaders to light up their organisations and importantly their lives.

    Claire Robinson

    Throughout the program you will receive access to:

    • 14 weeks of supported coaching and mentorship;
      • Bi-Monthly on-line group coaching  – 90 min sessions via Zoom
      • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions  with me – 30 mins via Zoom 
      • Clifton Strengths profile 
      • Bi-Monthly peer coaching to build you coaching capability, hold you accountable to action steps and be your cheerleading squad
      • Online learning platform that houses all sessions recordings and resources
      • Private WhatsApp group to call on help and support at any time
    • Complimentary access to the Luminous Leader Alumni Community for a further 3 months once you graduate from the program which gives you continued access to the content, 24/7 WhatsApp support and monthly group coaching sessions  – 60 mins via Zoom to create accountability and keep you on track 

        This intake is only accepting a maximum of 10 leaders so spots are going FAST! 


        Is this program right for me?

        This program is designed to help managers, business leaders, or business owners who are go-getters, have great skills and strengths, and they have the discipline to take action. Who are currently feeling stuck, stagnant or have lost direction in their journey. Without clarity, their confidence and momentum has dropped, and imposter syndrome bubbled to the surface. But what they do know is that there is more that they must give, there’s a spark inside and they want to do the work to fully turn the lights back on.

        Our team is very selective about who we accept into the program because we want to make sure that not only you are a good fit for us, but that we are a good fit for you.

        So if you have been offered one of only 10 spots in your intake then we can guarantee this is the right program for you and you will fit in perfectly with the other leaders on the program.

        What happens if I don’t succeed?

        This program has been structured around a strategy that works! If for some reason however you are not 100% convinced after 30 days we have a money-back guarantee. Either achieve great results or get your money back, there’s no way you can lose!

        How can I afford this program?

        The coaching and mentorship itself is priceless and many clients have said that they would have paid higher than the ticket price to attend this program and we will talk you through exactly how this investment (a one off payment of $2995+GST or 6 monthly payments of $549) will help you in your initial strategy session. We have created different payment options based on your current needs.

        But if this investment is making you umm and ahh you might not be far enough in your leadership journey to take this step and we are looking for leaders who are looking to take that next step RIGHT NOW! If you want to wait until our next intake click HERE to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and keep an eye out for our next Luminous Leaders intake.

        But if you are ready to go book a call with us ASAP as we only have 2 spots left on our final round for the year starting August 31st.