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If you’ve found your way here, you likely share our passion for creating workplace environments where your people can grow and thrive, rather than tread water to survive. What has become explicitly obvious in this uncertain and ever-changing business landscape is that burnout and stress is rife and we must shift the paradigm. We have to future-proof our workplaces by supporting our leaders to be healthy, high performing and a more luminous version of themselves.

Our passion for luminating leaders begins with my own story. The seeds of Clarety were sown back when I was one of those people just ‘surviving’. My whole focus was on driving business success and meeting the needs of others and I became disenfranchised in my life and stuck on the ‘hamster wheel’, my health suffered, my confidence dropped and the lights went out. I saw many people around me feeling the same way. Un-inspired, not-engaged and ultimately, leaving corporate life.

Forced into a period of rest and reflection I started to question the way I was leading my life. It stirred something inside me. I began to think, ‘What if life and business doesn’t have to be this way?’. ‘What if I could put my own personal wellbeing first and turn the light’s back on?’ ‘What if operating from a more energized place can deliver stronger results in business?’.

In the 8 year’s that have followed I learnt everything I could about wellbeing, mindfulness, coaching psychology, conscious capitalism, and Neuro-linguistic Programming and, with the help of a wonderful team of specialists, set about proving that shifting the paradigm of burn out is possible. We’ve now experienced first-hand, as have 1,000s of our clients, that by taking a more holistic approach to leadership development, it’s possible to luminate leaders to light up their organisations.

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Executive Coaching

Today’s leaders need support to navigate these uncertain and complex times. Our one-on-one coaching programs provide personalized support and a safe space for personal insight and profound transformation that turns the lights back on.

Leadership Development Programs

Our in-house leadership development programs focus on the skills required to develop high performing leadership teams that are resilient, cohesive and able to come together and illuminate the pathway forward for your organisations.

The Luminous Leader™️ Program

The Luminous Leader™️ is an ‘out-of-house’, cross-company program designed for you to send your high performing specialist leads or new people leaders to, to make the shift from getting results through ‘doing’ to results via team or influence.

Client Case Studies

Hear from our clients about their experience in our one-on-one Executive Coaching and group Leadership Programs.

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