Become a Luminous Leader™

The Next Step In Your Leadership
Journey Without The Self-Sacrifice

The Luminous Leader™ Programme

This program is designed for senior managers, directors and intrapreneurs who want to step up in their leadership career but feel like the only way up is to sacrifice their personal life, time with loved ones, or to constantly feel exhausted and time-poor. This course has been described as ‘not like any other leadership course’ with a deeply human curriculum it’s about getting back to the core of who we are authentically and building a sustainable leadership career and life from this place.

Why I created The Luminous Leader™ Programme

Hi I’m Clare the founder and head coach here at Clarety. In my first career in Advertising I was great at what I did and talented in my craft so I rose up the ranks leading the communications strategic planning for brands like Coca Cola and Nestle. I worked hard and was promoted without asking for it and I was gradually given more people to manage. Although I had all the skills I needed to succeed as an individual, I wasn’t trained, or given any blueprint, or model for leading a team successfully.

In my final role leading an agency I had a deep desire to positively impact the people who were working under me and I had a natural affinity for building relationships, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. It felt like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping some stuck!

I thought in order to succeed I had to work more hours and give all of my time and energy to the team. I put my life and relationships on hold to become a better leader. I was working ridiculous hours, fighting fires and trying so hard to hold the team together that I started to lose sight of who I was.

I became disenfranchised and got off track with why I was doing it. My work life balance sucked and I was exhausted all the time. My confidence dropped, I was constantly second-guessing myself and imposter syndrome regularly kicked in.

Forced into a burnout-fueled career-break, I started working with a leadership coach who helped me to find myself again. We worked on gaining clarity on my career path and who I wanted to be as a leader. We worked on reinstating work-life boundaries and regaining my energy. We worked on rebuilding my confidence and finding my voice so that I could own my own career destiny again.

I began to realise that there IS a blueprint to stepping up in leadership which isn’t about more hours to work it’s about clarity, focus and self-care. I rose up as a leader, it became easier, I became more energised and my team elevated as well.

I loved the process so much that I ultimately became a leadership coach and built The Luminous Leader™ Programme to ensure others didn’t have to lose themselves in leadership. To support leaders who are in the process of stepping up in their career who are required to run bigger teams, to influence a more complex range of stakeholders and who are ultimately on a pathway to influence their business at a broader leadership level.

Are you ready to experience leadership in a different way?

In a way that can light you up and make you the kind of leader people are naturally drawn to follow?

To become a leader who has their mojo back, knows the right decisions to make and is thriving in all areas of their life?

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Here’s how it works

The Luminous Leader™ Programme is built around 3-key areas of mastery that take you from burnt out corporate leader to a luminous leader ready for the next step in their career, whether that’s an executive, a role change, or simply learning to thrive where you are.

Firstly and most importantly I help you find clarity by identifying your unique leadership style, embracing your strengths and unearthing negative thoughts that might be holding you back and adopting a mindset that is going to see you rise to the next level.

Secondly, we take a look at how you are managing your energy. We reinstall your work life boundaries, help you focus on working smarter, and teach you the coaching skills to empower your team to step up.

Finally we move onto your confidence. You learn to connect with your values and how these can help you become more comfortable showing up as you, making decisions, speaking up and having more courageous conversations. We look at influential communication and how to adapt your style so that you can positively impact those around you and get the most out of them.

Our journey together will help you discover where that next step is for you and how you can build on the skills you already have and show up as an even better leader.

Hear from those that have gone through this transformation:

Blake Mosley, found his career pathway and moved from a National to Global role in his business

Ava Aso, became unstuck in her career and guided the light back into all areas of her life.

How It Will Run

Month 1:
Clarity on your career pathway

Together we will peel back the layers of you and explore the right pathway for you to move forward. You identify what’s actually important to you based on your (Clifton) Strengths and your values and use these as a guiding light to propel you forward to reach the next level of leadership in the right environment for you.

We’ll work on the thoughts that could be limiting your growth and adopt the mindset to break through.

Month 2:
Leading With Energy
We’ll calibrate your role to align to your Strengths and find more flow.

We’ll teach you the proven wellbeing and productivity strategies that top leaders use to manage their energy, create boundaries between their work
and life, and cultivate the creative energy to get consistent results.

Month 3:
Confidence to get your results
Together we’ll work on understanding what is holding you back from having more courageous conversations so you can feel more confident owning your voice and seat at the boardroom table.

You’ll learn the powerful coaching and, communication and influence strategies from the world of NLP, learning to adapt your leadership style to become more influential of your team, clients, and key stakeholders).

Throughout the program

From the moment you start: The most overlooked element to creating growth and behaviour changes that sticks, is who is your support crew. As you make changes and try new things you need to be surrounded by people cheering you on, who are also striving for growth and checking in with you to hold you accountable along the way. Not only will you have my support as your Executive Coach, but you’ll be paired regularly with others to coach and hold each other to account.

This is a pathway that has worked for 100s of leaders before, even though the exact method looks slightly different for each person. We understand that you are an individual, your journey is unique, and we can help you craft a strategy and plan that works specifically for YOU.

Whether you are being tasked with leading an expanding team, being more influential across the business or, are a business leader who has lost their mojo and wants to re-find their passion and purpose I’m here to help you achieve success.

What do those who have participated in the program say?

Now, I step into these situations with more mindfulness.

I feel I have made very real progress. When I started the course, I was having challenges controlling my emotions when dealing with direct reports who hadn’t risen to the levels, we expect of them. Rather than help and guide them through the situation I probably made them feel judged and unsuccessful. Now, I step into these situations with more mindfulness. I try to ensure that I prioritise my relationship. I have tried to take these learning into my life at large with my mentoring of my kids, etc.
She helped me unlock that belief in myself.
In the short time I’ve been in the program I already feel a stronger sense of confidence. Speaking with Clare solidified what I already knew I was capable of and delivering on a day-to-day basis, she helped me unlock that belief in myself.
I’m now stepping up into a global leadership role.
I was in that middle weird ground of trying to understand where I’m going next. I felt lost. I didn’t know what the next step was. I knew that I had a really good job and I was working for a really good business, but something was missing. I went into this program with no expectations, and I’m really happy that I had no expectations because it completely changed me. It changed me not only personally, but professionally, which for me is phenomenal. I’m now stepping up into a global leadership role.
The program has guided the light back into my everyday work and personal life.
Before joining LL program, I felt ‘unmotivated’, ‘Stuck’, ‘victim mode’. The program has guided the light back into my everyday work and personal life. I am able to recognize the thought process and decision patterns and can switch my mindset. I feel that I am more proactive at work and I have a clear goal on what I am trying to achieve. In my personal life, I have been able to switch off and enjoy what today brings. Clare was able to show me the way and helped me with the work, which I should have done many years ago.
You’ll be able to move forward authentically in your life.
I went into the course thinking that I’d be acting on tools early, I even asked for my 1:1s early but what I learned from the process was you get informed to make a decision at the end. It takes you to a place where, you deep dive into getting to identify what you really need to identify to then lead with that authentically. You’ll, also get to a point where you have the tools to make any decision on anything and be able to move forward authentically in your life.

The Important Details

Throughout the program you will receive access to:

14 weeks of supported coaching and mentorship led by Clare Robinson:

  • Bi-Monthly on-line group coaching – 2 hour virtual sessions
  • Clifton Strengths profile
  • Bi-Monthly peer coaching to build you coaching capability, hold you
    accountable to action steps and be your cheerleading squad
  • Online learning platform that houses all sessions recordings and resources
  • Private WhatsApp group and access to SOS 1:1 Coaching sessions to call on help
    and support at any time
  • Accelerated planning session – 60 minutes of group coaching to finalise your 90
    day Luminous Leader Plan at the end of the program

Who is this program right for

  • You are a senior manager, team leader, or specialist lead who is a go-getter, has great skills and strengths, and you have the discipline to take action.
  • If you have a new role, a promotion, a step up or a new set of complex relationship dynamics to manage and influence that you are stressed-out about then this program is for you.
  • If you are currently feeling stuck, stagnant or have lost direction in your career journey, this program is for you.
  • If you have a lack of clarity on the right nextstep for you and you are being paralysed by indecision about the right pathway forward then this program is for you.
  • If your confidence and momentum has dropped, others are getting promoted around you and imposter syndrome has bubbled to the surface, then this program is for you.
  • If you know that there is more you can give to yourself and your team, that there’s a spark inside and you want to do the work to reignite your passion for your work and your life, then this program is for you.
  • If you are someone that likes structure and to know exactly where you are going, and a step-by-step process to help you get there then this program is for you.
  • If this resonates with you, then Luminous Leaders is for you.

Hear from those that have gone through this transformation:

Zoe Cooper – Experimentation Lead, IAG, identified what gave her a deeper sense of purpose and brought this into her work and life more.

Dominique Stichling – Marketing Manager, JDE, learnt to adapt her leadership style to motivate her team and opened the door to a global role in her company.

The Investment


one off payment

$599 + GST

It’s like a string of pearls of wisdom

     that will stay with you forever.



Can I afford this program?

The coaching and mentorship itself is priceless and many clients have said that they would have paid higher than the ticket price to attend this program and we will talk you through exactly how this investment (a one off payment of $3495+GST or 6 monthly payments of $599+GST) will help you in your initial strategy session. We have payment options to help make this program as accessible as possible.

This program has been structured around a strategy that works! If for some reason however you are not 100% convinced after 30 days we have a money-back guarantee. Either achieve great results or get your money back, there’s no way you can lose!

We are looking for leaders who are looking to take that next step RIGHT NOW! If you aren’t ready right now but are still interested in our next intake click HERE to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and keep an eye out for our next Luminous Leader intake.

Who are the others on the program?

Everyone on the program goes through a selection process to ensure that they are a good fit for the group. Just like you they will be open, supportive, humble, eager to learn and grow from others and equally committed to showing up and putting the work in. This is a small group coaching program so there will be no more than 10 people in each cohort. Generally past participants say they make friends for life!

Intro to Clare Robinson

Hi my name is Clare and I have a deep passion for creating workplace environments where people can grow and thrive, rather than tread water to survive. I believe we need to shift the
‘work-takes-all’ stress and burn out paradigm and shift to a place where leaders are supported to be healthy, high performing and a more luminous version of themselves.

My passion for luminating leaders begins with my own story. The seeds of Clarety were sown back when I was one of those people just ‘surviving’. To the outside world I had it leading the communications for brands like Coca Cola and Nestle and ultimately leading an agency in my early 30s. My focus was on driving business success and meeting the needs of others and I sacrificed my own health and relationships to do this. I became disenfranchised, stuck on the ‘hamster wheel’, and my confidence dropped and my light dimmed.

I saw many people around me feeling the same way. Un-inspired, not-engaged and ultimately, leaving corporate life.

Forced into a period of rest and reflection I started to question the way I was leading in my life. It stirred something inside me. I began to think, ‘What if life and business doesn’t have to be this way?’. ‘What if you could put your own personal wellbeing first and turn the light’s back on?’ ‘What if operating from a more energized place can deliver stronger results in business?’.

In the 10 years that have followed I have learnt everything I could about changing behaviour studying, wellbeing, mindfulness, coaching psychology, conscious capitalism, and Neuro-linguistic Programming and, with the help of a wonderful team of specialists, set about proving that shifting the paradigm of burn out is possible. We’ve now experienced first-hand, as have 1,000s of our clients, that by taking a more holistic approach to leadership development, it’s possible to luminate leaders to light up their organisations and importantly their lives.