What is it like to do the Luminous Leader group coaching?

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“It’s like a string of Pearls of wisdom that will stay with your forever”.  

Zoe, Luminous Leader Participant 

I think one of my Luminous Leaders from last year sums up perfectly what it’s like to experience The Luminous Leader program and invest in your development.

I know for me, investing in my own personal and professional development (outside of the courses that my company put me on), is something I have done for the last 10 years.

I’ve worked with a range of coaches, counselors, mentors, and healers over this time and there’s no substitute for having a great support crew.

For the last year, every Tuesday, I tune in with my coach and mentor the lovely Janine Garner and a wonderful community of leaders to bounce ideas around, stay focused on my goals and have a safe space to discuss what’s coming up for me and reset.  Being part of this program acts as a reminder of the power of investing in me and my own development.


When you commit to your growth you are committing to achieving great things in your life

It’s a reminder of my commitment to growth, my commitment to not being overwhelmed and on the hamster wheel and really challenging my thinking and expanding as a person, partner, daughter, sister, friend… And of course, to become a better coach and business leader committed to creating even more impact by supporting leaders to become luminous and light the way for others in their organisations and in their lives.

And I know many of you reading this are likely to be already thinking about or, have already invested in, programs to support your development.


Is this the year you want to become more luminous?

Maybe you’re in the school of thought that last year has been a good year but you want to take your career and life to the next level. Or maybe, it’s been an absolute nightmare and you’ve been languishing and stuck on the hamster wheel, and this year, you want to get back to a more luminous, engaged, and growing version of yourself.

If the answer is a resounding ‘YES’ then you may be curious to learn more about why I developed the luminous leader program and the community that is blossoming from it…

I love seeing the power of community elevate and raise people up. I love growing and developing the next generation of leaders and seeing them find their voice and own their seat at the boardroom table. I love seeing them achieve all of their hopes and dreams both professionally and personally. As another one of our Luminous Leaders puts it,

Before joining the Luminous Leader program, I felt ‘unmotivated’, ‘Stuck’, ‘victim mode’. The program has guided the light back into my everyday work and personal life. I am able to recognize the thought process and decision patterns and can switch my mindset. I feel that I am more proactive at work and I have a clear goal on what I am trying to achieve. In my personal life, I have been able to switch off and enjoy what today brings. Clare was able to show me the way and helped me with the work, which I should have done many years ago

Ava – Business Lead (Banking)


Hearing stories like this fuels my passion to do this work!

Especially as I remember doing this work myself when I was a burnt-out, stressed-out Advertising Exec. who had lost a sense of purpose and passion in her life. But in investing in myself and putting the work in to understand who I wanted to be, having the tough conversations with myself, starting to make some different choices in my life and, calling in a great support crew to teach me new skills I was able to evolve as a leader and open up the 2nd phase of my career and life.


Is this the year you invest in YOU?

If you’ve decided this is the year you invest in your development, maybe for the first time, or maybe you need something to take you to the next level then my small group coaching program could be right for you. I am now taking applications for the next round of the Luminous Leader program.


What’s in it for you?

The program is designed to help you get really clear on the kind of leader you want to be and all the tools to help you become more luminous and elevated.

So, if now is the time to step into a more luminous version of you. I would love to hear from you. So please email me ‘luminous’ or book a time and I’ll send through some more information, and we can chat.

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