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Can you believe that it’s November? Where did the year go! My aim at the beginning of the year was to communicate more, share more and connect more with you all through events. It’s now November and I’ve only just started writing! My excuse? I didn’t want to fill up your inbox I wanted to serve you all in a meaningful way. To work out what that might be…

We have had a seriously intense but hugely transformational year!

We have been focusing on the core of what we do (Leadership Coaching and Wellness Programs), getting it right. Building powerful systems to create BIG CHANGES and bringing in the right capability to enable more people to THRIVE in the workplace. That ‘capability’ has come in the form of the fabulous Emma Hart who I’m so delighted to announce as my new business partner.

More from Emma to come but we questioned…

What would be the most valuable things we could share with you?

We decided we wanted to democratise the tools and ideas that create transformations in the coaching room and make them available to you right here, For FREE. You will not only discover powerful frameworks but we will share all of our tips, tricks and recipes to enhance your well-being. First up, our reason for being: helping people get clarity on what will have them thrive more in life and business.

So over to you. Grab a cup of tea, line up your lunch or take a mid-afternoon break and come on a journey with us if you’d like to…

Have you been craving a little clarity on ‘where to next’ in your health, wealth or relationships?
Have you ever found yourself confused or uncertain about what step to take next? I know I have as have lots of my friends and clients so you’re definitely not alone. For me uncertainty was turned right up the first year out of the corporate world and into running my own business.

Frankly, I wanted to run back to what I felt was familiar and safe.

In my case moving from Sydney back to the family in the UK or going back to a regular pay-check. Of course I now realise that thinking the grass is greener is a sure-fire way to procrastinate or not be present and fulfilled in your own life. The big step I took then was to not settle for that so I put pen to paper and conjured up some new images of what life could look like.

But I don’t know where to start I hear you say!

My advice is, just start. Dream, doodle, use colours, images, words whatever comes to mind. In starting this process, I soon discovered I could get specific about what I wanted. Things started to become clear, the uncertainty and confusion faded and I could start to see the steps I needed to take. These images helped me find clarity, they provided ongoing motivation and a clear direction for me to take even when life felt uncertain.

Another common challenge I hear that stops people moving forward is ‘what if I don’t make the right decision?’. A wise woman once said to me;

“There is no wrong decision, every decision you make is the right one for you and you can always make another one”

This has served me well and two years on, getting clear is at the heart of all of the work we do at CLARETY. When I recently welcomed Emma, into CLARETY, we sat down together to define the new outcomes we wanted to create. The tool we used this time was our ‘BE:DO:HAVE’ model which forces you to get really specific about what you want.

Real specificity involves firing up all of your senses.
The more sensorial the detail – colour, texture, language, smell, taste – you can imagine, the more it activates your Reticular Activating System (RAS). Our RAS, which we tell you more about in our coaching programs, is what helps us start to notice and focus our attention more on the things we want and what we need to do to get them. For example, if you want to buy a new red car, then all you’ll start to see is red cars. Have you noticed that?

While specificity is the key it can also feel really uncomfortable to do.
When you are really putting your butt on the line by admitting to yourself and others that this is specifically what you truly want, the risk is high and the fear of failure can creep in. But to get what you’ve never had before you need to take a different approach, take a risk, and own it. It is the only way you are going to make new things happen and overcome your fears driven by that sense of uncertainty.

It’s like building a muscle though. The more you do it the easier it gets. You just have to commit, walk the path and get a little help from your friends, like us. Want to give it a go? Read on…

The BE DO HAVE Exercise
Grab a pen and paper and brain-dump everything that comes to mind. There is no right or wrong answer.
Thinking about the area of your life that you want to focus on (in my case, how would I need to evolve as a leader given the change in the business). Imagine you have taken the step and have your outcome in your career, health or relationship. Ask yourself:

Who will I BE?
A business partner, mindful business owner, leadership and wellness thought leader, change agent, relationship lead.
What will I be DOING?
leading and representing the business to clients, partners, prospects, inspiring my team, growing with my business partner, educating myself.

What evidence will I HAVE of success?
Flourishing business partner, paid a second salary, 4 passionate collaborators around us helping to deliver on the mission (create thriving workplaces). Over 75 clients being happy, healthy and purposeful and, inspiring others to be as well.

Once you have your thoughts down on paper start to imagine, in full colour, your future using all of your senses (this is activating your RAS system) E.g. When I have this how will it feel? What else will I be seeing around me? What will I be saying to people? Finally put a date on when you want to achieve this outcome. For me it was ‘on or before the 24th of December 2016’.

By having that clear vision for your outcome, it will feel safer for you to move forward. The uncertainty will fade as it will already seem more real in your mind.

Pretty great, right?
Do you want to go deeper?
Now that you are starting to get a clearer picture about what you want to Be, Do, and Have, putting it together into a visual representation that you can see every day can help cement the vision into your mind. Read our blog post and download the free worksheet ‘Visioning: make your dreams a reality’ that we put together to help you further. If you’d like more guidance, you may be interested in joining us in our individual leadership coaching. Click here to book a time to talk to us. We’d love to chat!

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