Is it time to make your dreams a reality?

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Leadership

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about what more you could get out of life, your relationships or your career? You dream of making changes but you’re confused or uncertain about what step to take next. You are not alone. I too have felt this and I know lots of my friends and clients have felt this way or are feeling this way now.

When I chased my dreams to set up my own business back in 2013, and I look back now, I really had no idea what I was doing. A few steps were in place but life was full of uncertainty and frankly I think I wanted to run back to what I felt was familiar. In my case, a move back to be with family in the UK and a corporate role back in advertising.

I road out this period but realised that thinking the grass is greener or being torn between two places and people is a sure-fire way to procrastinate or not be present and fulfilled in your own life. The big step I took then was to not settle for that so I put pen to paper and conjured up some new dreams of what life could look like.

But I don’t know where to start!

I hear you say. My advice is, just start. Dream, doodle, use colours, images, words whatever comes to mind. There is no right or wrong. This is your life and you can create it! I also noticed that I had many ‘rules’ for what I should and shouldn’t be doing e.g., ‘well if I do this then I can’t have this’. I didn’t realise at the time that,

if you can dream it then anything is possible…

In starting this process, I soon discovered I could get specific about what I wanted. Things started to become clear, the uncertainty and confusion faded and I could start to see more of the steps I needed to take. These images helped me find clarity, they provided ongoing motivation and a clear direction for me to take even when life felt uncertain.

To get you started here’s a tool Vision boarding: make your dreams a reality, we use with our clients to start making their dreams a reality. Download, play, enjoy and let us know how you go!

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