Podcast: Activating you intuition and aligning with purpose

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My guest this week on the podcast is former PR turned Psychic and highly successful author, podcast-host, and mentor Helen Jacobs. I first met Helen at a business bootcamp run by my dear friend Lorraine Murphy 2 years ago. At the time, I had been in full-on ‘hustle mode’. The business performance had taken a dip, a project with our main client was coming to an end and we were gearing up to a major re-launch. There was a lot going on, I was ‘doing’ all the right things; new business meetings – tick, marketing plan – tick, delivering great experiences – tick, but this wasn’t converting. I was exhausted and it felt like pushing sh*t uphill… 

How many of us have been in the hustle and the grind yet we don’t feel like we are getting anywhere? 

And have you ever found that when you are in this ‘mode’ all the ‘self-care’ routines go out the window in favor of squeezing in that extra early meeting or doing that extra hour at night to try and keep on top of the ‘to-do-list’? 

So, when Helen Jacobs beamed into the room it was literally like an angel with a halo of bright-shiny-lightbulbs was going on. She described the signs of working out of alignment with our soul’s purpose – disconnected from self, exhausted, working against the grain vs working in the flow that comes when we are aligned with what we are put in this world to do. You know, when things seem to happen effortlessly, opportunities present themselves, you feel healthy and happy, and it’s as if some higher power is at play?   

I think we could all do with a bit of this right now so when Helen agreed to be interviewed for this season of the podcast, I couldn’t think of a better person to hold up the mirror to the way we might be operating in this change-full and fear-based environment and, create the space for us to reconnect and click back into alignment with ourselves 

I believe if we are going to thrive in the environment, we find ourselves in, we have to learn to harness more of the flow that comes from being in alignment with why we are here.  



In our conversation, Helen shares:

  • Why in today’s world we can get disconnected from our feelings and soul 
  • Why operating from this place is completely unsustainable for both you and your businesses 
  • Why self-care is critical if you want to find balance and have the energy to create the change’s we want in the working-world  
  • Why ‘doing’ more does not hold the secrete to creating growth 
  • What the soul is and how to tune into our souls’ purpose 
  • What a pivotal moment in our lives might be and how to tune into the message coming from it 
  • What can happen when we get our heads out of the way and start tuning into our intuition more 
  • How to spot the signs when we are not aligned with our soul’s purpose before we drive the train off the track 
  • The ‘self-care’ steps that will help us get back onto the track and turning into our intuition to guide us forward 
  • How to work smarter and not harder by tuning into both masculine and feminine energies and the seasonal energy cycles 
  • How Helen creates growth in her business – spoiler alert she doesn’t have a ‘business plan’! 

 I know Helen’s insights will be a game-changer for many of you, and I’m so grateful to her for sharing her wisdom on the podcast. 


To your health and happiness,

Clare Robinson,
Founder & Head Coach, CLARETY

P.S. Our ‘Make 2021 your Year’ vision and planning session is happening this Friday (19th February). Sometimes we need something to snap ourselves out of the rut and re-connect us with why we are really here and what we should be focusing on. This is EXACTLY why I am running this session: to move you from hustle and grind mode and into alignment and flow mode. 

Over 2 hours I will not only be creating some space to tune back into your intuition and lead from this space but I’ll also be sharing some of the best bits from my annual and quarterly planning I do with my one-on-one coaching clients that deliver the goods…find out more here. Doors close on Thursday 18th February.  

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