Podcast: The Power of Deep Listening

by | Nov 16, 2020 | Communication and Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Podcast

We are excited to be launching our  2nd  podcast season ‘The future-ready leadership series’.  In this season we wanted to  go deep into  how to unlock more leadership potential within. We will be exploring topics around the future of workplace skills which, here at  Clarety, we define as the best of our ‘humanness’ like creativity, emotional intelligence, intuition, and adaptability that can be harnessed for us to flourish and grow as leaders.   

Our first episode will tackle a hot topic from the coaching room, ‘learning to communicate more masterfully’. 
This starts with learning to more skilfully listen 

How many of us have been told we need to  listen more, work on our ability to influence stakeholders or, find ourselves struggling to understand what others really mean?  Yes, I’ve been there as well! Is it any wonder given that about 7% of communication is what is said and the rest is tone and body language (Dr. Albert Mehrabian). Add to this increased communication via screens and  I felt it was time to call in the big guns!    
Introducing our podcast guest Oscar Trimboli 

I’m delighted that fellow coach, author,  an award-winning  podcaster, an d deep listening expert,  Oscar  Trimboli,  has joined me for this  episode. 

What we will cover in this  episode 

  • Why listening is so important but  is not practiced well or really understood  
  • The costs of not listening, at both a macro and a micro level 
  • What deep  listening is  
  • What the  5 levels of listening are 
  • Oscar’s top ‘how-tos‘ to start developing a deep listening practice


If you are anything like me, you have likely been blown away by Oscar’s insights and tools and, it’s inspired you to go deeper…Here’s how:

  1. Click below for your short BONUS SESSION on ‘how to listen more masterfully in the virtual world’ recorded exclusively by Oscar for our podcast listeners 

  2. Take the 7-Minute Listening Quiz and receive a 5-page personalised action plan, this also gives you access to Oscar’s ’90 Day Listening Challenge’

  3. Stay tuned for Episode 2 with Oscar being released later this month where we go deeper on the ‘5 levels of listening’ and facilitating ‘transformational listening’.

I’m SUPER keen to hear what resonates  for you in this episode – hit reply and let me know!  

To your health and happiness,

Clare Robinson,
Founder & Head Coach, CLARETY


P.S. Would you or your team benefit from learning how to better communicate with influence? We’d love to support you, CLICK HERE and fill out a little more information and we will give you a call.

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