Podcast: Have you ‘hit the wall’?

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Emotional Intelligence, Energy Optimisation, Podcast

I’m not sure if you are feeling this but the main topic of conversation with leaders in the coaching room and, many other friends around me is, that they have ‘hit the wall’ energy-wise. They are ready for 2020 to be done. Unsurprising, given the year we have all had. I think there is something about the finish line being so close that makes us feel how little energy is left in the tank…Layer on the usual silly season behaviour of pushing to meet deliverables before the holidays and, is it any wonder that our wellbeing can get seriously off track? 

So, if your sleep patterns have already turned south due to that extra beer or two, your morning exercise has been sidelined for work deadlines, or, like me, you have an underlying sense of anxiety about everything that needs to get done before Christmas (when is the last day to buy online gifts that will be delivered on time?!) Then I thought it was time to re-boot our ‘Pace the Race’ podcast from Season 1.

In this podcast, Emma and I share our proven, top hacks to maintain your energy levels, manage your ‘monkey mind’ and, actually hit the holidays with enough (emotional) capacity in the tank to enjoy the time with your loved ones.  

Not possible I hear you say! Well if you can remain open for the next 20 mins… 

In this podcast, we will be talking about: 

•    Why it’s essential to focus on taking care of yourself and not just others at 
      this time of year 
•    How to stop your wellbeing getting seriously off track 
•    Identifying the one ‘keystone’ habit that will ensure you maintain your energy  
•    How to create boundaries and what to say ‘no’ too both at work and home 
•    How to mindfully transition into your break so you can really enjoy it 


Please also feel free to share this blog post with loved ones and colleagues who may need a bit of an energy boost right now. 

And as always, you can email us at info@claretyinc.com if you have any comments about this post or would like any more information. 

To your health and happiness,

Clare Robinson,
Founder & Head Coach, CLARETY

P.S. Whenever you’re ready, got a question about how I may be able to help? Let’s jump on the phone and discuss or email me at clare@claretyinc.com so we can lock in a time to chat. 

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