The next big beauty trend is personal development, we’re calling it: the inner-world workout

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Emotional Intelligence

Do you spend a fortune on beauty and wellness fads that never seem to make you happy? Here’s why investing in yourself from the inside-out is the real secret to fulfilment. 

“Feed” your mind, and the rest will follow. It’s a powerful mantra to keep in your self-care toolkit (thanks for the inspo, En Vogue, and yes, the 90s are making a comeback) especially when we live in a society that’s perpetually fixated on the external.  

But the pursuit of physical perfection (and seeming to have it together on the outside) is a happiness trap. But I get it, as leaders, we often feel pressure to maintain a certain image. 
Most of us would easily spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers, fitness memberships, beauty treatments, salon visits, designer clothes, injectables and cosmetics to make us happy and maintain our external image. Hey there’s no judgement here. But in my experience, these things don’t hold the key to true happiness and fulfilment in life.  

Of course, staying fit is integral to our health, but there’s a more holistic approach. We’re calling it: the next big trend in beauty and wellness is the ‘inner-world workout’. When you commit to personal development and do the inner work to invest in yourself from the inside out, you radiate confidence, vitality, and purpose. And there’s nothing more attractive than that.  

Here’s how one of our Luminous leaders Rennae describes the ‘work-out’:

“I remember from the very beginning when we met you, you’d said that thing to me about getting out of your head, getting into your heart, and making decisions from your gut.
And I hadn’t heard talk of anything like that before. 

And so, I really liked it because I do really feel those different parts of energy.
And I think that it’s very true that you have to get to your core in order to make real decisions for yourself, and then you can move forward.” 

Here are five exercises to kick-off your inner-world workout so that you can light up the boardroom, glow as a leader and step forward with all the self-assurance in the world: 
1)  Value yourself  
All of yourself. Not just the external parts you present to the world. Self-image starts from within. Let go of any guilt you have around spending money on self-improvement, such as career mentoring or leadership coaching, because it’s one of the few things you’ll buy and actually see a return on investment. Not to mention the change others will notice.  

2)  Beam confidence 
Research shows that confident people might be happier but are also perceived as more attractive. To gain more confidence as a leader, and let go of imposter syndrome get clear on your strengths and then identify ways to optimise those strengths every day, whether it’s how you communicate with your team or using your creativity to inspire others. People will start to notice your energy will be contagious and inspire others.  

3) Work the mindset muscle 
Your mind is a life-long investment. It’s time to place as much emphasis on mental fitness as we do our physical health. If you need guidance to make an emotional shift, a career mentor or leadership program can help you change proverbial lanes and challenge long-held ways of thinking holding you back so that you can emerge bright and with a renewed sense of perspective.

4)  Grow a community 
One of the ways leaders can get bogged down in low self-esteem is through fear of being in group settings. But when you find a safe space to work through your fears and open up to others in a group setting, like a leadership program, you’ll begin to see it’s an effective way to connect, feel less alone and get ideas from others going through similar challenges. As one of our luminous leaders Ava said it best; 

It’s like going back to school and it’s your first day at school. You think, are they going to like me? But it was a beautiful group of females. The relationships that I gained from just this short time have been just amazing. I still keep in touch with these beautiful ladies, and I learned so much, from their business, from the life experience, but it also gave me courage to speak up, it gave me a really good space to express myself and learn and grow. So, it was a lot of personal development as much as business development in the course. 

 Or, As one of our Luminous leaders Paula said; 

 I can understand why people might be a bit hesitant at first, especially if you don’t know the other people in the group, but I think accepting the fact that you need to be quite vulnerable and then that breeds vulnerability. So, everyone in our group was open and honest, which made it a lovely space to be part of. I also think that the beauty of being in a group scenario, is that everyone’s an expander to one another. We’re motivating each other and inspiring each other each week. So, I think that’s definitely a benefit over just doing one to one. I loved it! 

5) Apply passion and purpose 
You can eat all the superfoods in the world, but nothing nourishes the soul as much as knowing and living in your purpose.

Investing in your personal development will help you gain clarity on your values, beliefs and passions, so that you can live in true alignment, find pleasure in the little things and leave behind a legacy wherever you go. One of our luminous leaders Ava said it best; 

One of the really important things for me was optimizing my strengths, which was something you really helped me identify and bring back that passion for my work 
We encourage you to do the ‘inner world workout’ and go on a deeper journey. Personal and professional development is a life-long investment that one of our recent Luminous leaders, Zoe described it as: 

“It’s like a string of Pearls of wisdom that will stay with your forever”.  

If you’re ready to light up the room and start thriving in your life and career as a leader, then you’ve landed exactly in the right place.  
The waitlist is now open for the next round of our ‘Luminous Leader’ small group coaching program. Join the waitlist HERE for more information. Or watch the video here to find out more from some of the participants.


To your health and happiness,

Clare Robinson,
Founder & Head Coach, CLARETY

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