7 signs you need to invest in yourself now

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Energy Optimisation, Leadership

Are you just cruising in your career? Do you lack the confidence to step up as a leader?

It may not look like it from the outside, but there’s no such thing as a natural-born leader. (Hey, even Steve Jobs was flawed). The most efficient leaders are constantly developing their skills and investing in themselves, both personally and professionally. Leadership is learned throughout a lifetime and I believe we are all a magnificent work in progress. But to be a successful leader, you need to be aware of what’s holding you back. Of course, self-doubt is a natural part of the human experience. Sometimes it can be easier to give in to that little voice in your head rather than step up. I too have been there, as have hundreds of my clients. It held me back, but there came a point that I wanted to step forward. Yes, I was scared but in my experience, there is power in stepping outside your comfort zone because it offers you an opportunity to grow.

How do you know that you are ready for this next phase of growth as a leader?

The tell-tale signs that it’s time to take control of what you want in life and invest in leadership coaching.

1) You’re a ‘yes’ person
Go-getters are real strivers that often have more to give. But they also tend to get overloaded with work and this can lead to a poor work-life balance, which, in my experience, crushes the joy out of life. Knowing when to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in order to create boundaries as you transition into that next role is the only way to step-up sustainably.

2) You’re questioning yourself
Self-talk is an accurate way to gauge where we are in life. Check yours: is it saying ‘I can’t do it’, or ‘I’m not good enough’? If you’ve been promoted recently and haven’t been given the right leadership toolkit, imposter syndrome can set in. But you don’t have to listen to it.

3) You’re struggling to delegate to your team
Specialist leaders and junior people leaders often struggle with making the shift from getting results through ‘doing’,  to getting results via their team. The key to a smooth transition is learning to let go by being clear on your strengths and those of others so you can start to build your confidence and empower others.

4) You’re close to burn-out
Are you feeling fatigued, falling back into old habits, and letting go of self-care? If you feel like you are surviving rather than thriving, this is usually a good indicator that your confidence has been knocked and you need to reinstate boundaries and seek some guidance.

5) You want to jump ship
Sometimes we think that changing organisations will solve all our problems. But you need to do the internal work first; those woes will follow you wherever you go. The fact is that you don’t need to leave to make a fresh start. You can thrive right where you are.

6) You’re unclear about your path
To develop a solid leadership vision, you first need to identify your unique strengths and values that will allow the right pathway to unfold. There’s nothing more empowering than knowing exactly what you want out of your career. A leadership development program can help you discover this.

7) Your mindset needs a makeover
One of the best ways to gain clarity on your future is to create awareness around those limiting beliefs you’re holding onto so that you can begin to move forward. Mindset is the most important team member you’ll ever manage, and it begins with building self-awareness.

If you can relate to one or more of these points and you are ready to take some action to make some BIG changes in 2021, then boy, do we have a solution for you…

I am beyond excited to be launching a brand spanking new leadership coaching program called the ‘Luminous Leader’, where you’ll learn to shine brightly from the inside out. We launch next week and applications are soon closing. Please click below to book your 20-minute complimentary call with me and find out more about the program.

To your health and happiness,

Clare Robinson,
Founder & Head Coach, CLARETY

P.S. If you’re an HR leader or senior executive and you have high-performing talent that you want to retain, then this course is perfect for your organisation. Book your call to chat further. Or email Jo

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