Ready to create some clarity on what you want in 2021?

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Leadership, Mindset

As the craziness of the holidays starts to fade and our energy begins to return, we here at CLARETY start to turn our attention to the possibilities that lie in wait for us in the year ahead. Every year we get asked ‘what is the secret to setting yourself up for a year of success and deep fulfilment?’ 

Our answer? 

3 easy steps: 

1. If you are not yet fullyrelaxed and recharged make sure you take a bit more time before getting back into creation and planning mode.  Birthing new ideas and outcomes requires (creative) energy  

2. Don’t get too formal in your planning just yet. Take some time for quality reflection, here are some ideas; 

  • Take a long walk in nature taking a moment to reflect on the things you were proud of in the last year 
  • Write down ideas & musings about what could be in 2021 in a journal 
  • Do a formal reflection practice to stimulate your thinking and create some positive energy to move into 2021 – try our Closing out 2020 Podcast if you haven’t already 

3. Schedule dedicated time and space to harness all of the juicy insights, wishes, and ideas that you have been collecting to set intentions and clearly visulise the year ahead.  

We would LOVE to make‘step 3’easy for you!  

Join us for our ‘Get clarity on your vision for 2021’ live workshop, where we will be: 

  • Identifying your biggest wins and lessons in 2020 that will sow the seeds for what’s to come  
  • Create your vision using our signature guided visualisation exercise  
  • Build your ‘mini plan’ to start making this a reality 

This session will be held on Friday 22nd January at 1pm and run for 60 mins via Zoom.  

Simply click on the button below to reserve your spot and claim your complimentary ticket (as a thank you for being part of our awesome community this year)! 

To your health and happiness,

Clare Robinson,
Founder & Head Coach, CLARETY

P.S. Please also share this invite with loved ones and those that you think will appreciate creating some clarity on their year ahead, after a break. 

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