What do ‘brain food’, ‘commuting’ and ‘relationships’ have in common?

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Leadership

Hint, they are the inspiration for our latest idea to bring you, our awesome community, a little more support and encouragement beyond the coaching and training room.

So, welcome to the birth of our ‘POD-BABY’! 

Let me explain…

If you are anything like me your days might start on the commute smashing through emails, preparing for the day ahead or making business calls. Then you are into your day…meetings, getting decks done, jamming with the team. Then it’s the commute home, wrapping things up and doing follow-ups. Quite often I walk in the door still in ‘work mode’ to a partner that wants to connect with me, but I’m still distracted and processing my day. Frustrating to say the least!

Does anyone else experience this?

Well, you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, Emma and I have had several conversations in the coaching room, and with friends who are experiencing this challenge. Or they find themselves in ‘busy mode’ and struggling to be present with their team or loved ones. 

So, as we like to play ‘human petri dish’ here at CLARETY, I wanted to share what I have been trialing to break this pattern in my day. It’s also having a whole host of other benefits.

Welcome to the ‘active commute’. It features podcasts from some of my favorite business and spiritual teachers. I love it! It has become a habit that sets me up with a positive mindset for the day and re-energises me on the way home. It has me walking through the door ready to be present with my partner – out of business and back into ‘me mode’.

In fact, I was so excited about the changes it was creating in me that when, — our gorgeous friend and marketing advisor Gina suggested Emma and I should get our ‘podcast on’, it felt like all the stars were aligning…

So, you are officially invited to our first podcast series. 

We are going to be bringing you thought-provoking ideas, groundbreaking research, and the hot topics that are coming up in the coaching and training room. I dare say you will also be hearing from some of our amazing community of wellbeing & leadership specialists. 

You can also expect, as with these newsletters, practical ways that you can develop your own wellbeing as a leadership capability. 

For our first ‘pod-baby’ we wanted to talk all things ‘connected relationships’. It’s a big focus area for our clients and us, and it holds the key to a whole lot of health and happiness. 

This is your invitation to join us as we discuss:

  • Why are connected relationships dying out in today’s fast paced world
  • What can happen to our wellbeing or that of your team’s if we don’t focus on it
  • Our top 3 ‘how’s to create more connected relationships
  • BONUS reflection exercise to transform the connectivity of your relationships

So, if you want to have a crack at an ‘active commute’ or, have been struggling to connect with your friends, team or loved ones, then come and join us for the next 15 minutes to focus on YOU!

And if you have a friend or colleague who might need this piece of ‘brain food’ then please feel free to forward on and spread the love.

Oh, and 2 more things

  1. We LOVE feedback and want to genuinely hear from you on how you found this and if you would like us to discuss any other topics in relation to Wellbeing or Leadership that are on your mind email us at info@claretyinc.com with any comments
  2. We reference a reflection worksheet at the end of the podcast if you would like this email us at info@claretyinc.com with ‘worksheet’ in the title

To your health and happiness,

Clare and the CLARETY Team

P.S. Here are 3 ways we can help you personally or, the people within your company; 

  • Want to improve the connection in your relationships? Just a reminder to email us at info@claretyinc.com with “WORKSHEET” in the subject line and we’ll send you our proven system to reflect and improve the quality of your relationships 
  • Missed our January Best Year Yet workshops but still, want to set yourself up for a stellar year? Email us at info@claretyinc.com with ‘BYY’ in the subject line and we’ll send you your exclusive code to access the recording of our session that will set you up to make 2019 your best yet. 
  • Is 2019 getting off track or you have an opportunity to step up and you’d like some support to achieve amazing things? Our enrolments for our group and individual coaching packages are currently open. Email us at info@claretyinc.com with ‘COACHING’ in the subject header and tell us a little bit about what is going on for you.  

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